Key concepts for a successful e-commerce website

January 11, 2018 12:25
An ideal website editor allows a business owner to manage an e-commerce website on the go. Photo: GoDaddy

A recent Gig Economy survey by GoDaddy shows that 37 percent of Hongkongers have run a side hustle (part-time business) alongside their full-time job. From the survey it is also clear that e-commerce is the number one choice for a side hustle in Hong Kong with 44 percent of respondents stating that it is their top consideration. As such, it is a no-brainer that people need to build websites for the e-commerce startups they are creating.

There are two key concepts that need to be considered when creating a website:

1) Mobile and desktop websites must be managed at the same time. For most businesses, building a website is a given these days. However, with Hong Kong’s wide mobile coverage and internet access, there is a fantastic infrastructure for e-commerce startups to develop mobile-oriented websites.

To take advantage of this, businesses need a mobile-first website builder that allows them to build a multi-platform website through a smartphone instead of through a more traditional desktop platform.

Hong Kong is one of the most smartphone-friendly markets in the world. As of 2016, 69.8 percent of the population were smartphone users, according to eMarketer, making the city an ideal place for a mobile-first website editor that allows you to edit both your mobile and desktop sites while on the move. Findings from StatCounter also back this up: 51.3 percent of all web traffic now comes through mobile browsers instead of through desktop platforms.

You may ask why anyone would want to build a website on a mobile device instead of through a more traditional desktop platform? Well, globally, more and more people are accessing the web on the go. and in November 2016, global web traffic became primarily mobile. Today, more web traffic comes from mobile devices (52 percent) than from desktop computers (48 percent), and mobile usage will continue to grow.

Clearly, the mobile website editor is the future, particularly in Asia where many people only use a mobile device to access the web, making the desktop web editor redundant for them. With the rapid development of mobile technology and usage, side-hustle owners will have to manage mobile and desktop websites at the same time to maximize their online presence.

Being able to choose a website builder that enables side-hustle owners to create a website on multiple platforms from the start will also enable them to save on development time. They will be able to easily develop their website on the move through a mobile handset and then continue at home or in the office through a desktop device.

2) An ability to integrate website and social media platforms.

GoDaddy has identified some key takeaways from the Gig Economy survey:

1. Given the behavior of customers and store owners, customers prefer shopping at an online store attributed to an official website because of security considerations. Business owners themselves prefer setting up online stores through a social media platform for the sake of convenience.

2. Side-hustle owners are looking for website solutions with a Social Integration and SEO function which will be able to manage both platforms for business owners at the same time.

These takeaways show the need for a website builder tool to be able to offer a solution that can create both a website and a social media platform concurrently so that a side-hustle owner can get the best of both worlds integrated together.

Ultimately, the ability to harness a website editor that can quickly get information about your business onto social media is imperative as it can also drive traffic to your website and increase sales.

Choosing the right platform to build your website: 

Building a website that can be used across multiple platforms is a good way to promote a side hustle. In the past, building a website often meant hiring a top-dollar consultant to build a site. Today, you can build a website in simple steps by using powerful online tools. Such tools go one step further: they allow you to build a website directly on a mobile handset.

With mobile devices continuing to change how we do business, both as business owners and as consumers, a mobile website editor is of tremendous help.

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Regional President, GoDaddy