Airbnb to expand Experiences program to 200 US cities

January 29, 2018 17:37
Encouraged by the response to its Experiences program, Airbnb plans to expand it to 200 cities in the United States. Photo: Reuters

Airbnb, the online marketplace that allows people to lease or rent short-term lodging including vacation rentals and homestays, has announced plans to grow its Experiences program.

The American company plans to increase the number of cities in the United States covered in its Airbnb Experiences program to 200 by investing an additional US$5 million, Engadget reports.

Airbnb claims to have seen its business grow since it rolled out Experiences, which offer activities for tourists in addition to a place to stay.

Global weekly guest bookings soared over 2,000 percent, and the number of active experiences rose 500 percent compared to the same time last year, according to the company.

It now has more than 4,000 Airbnb Experiences available across 50 cities in the world. In the US market, the program currently offers more than 1,000 experiences, such as surfing and bike tours, to travelers.

In the US, someone who hosts experiences nine times a month can earn US$6,200 annually. If an individual can host more frequently, say, as many as 15 times or so in one month, the person can earn at least US$24,000 annually, according to the online lodging services firm.

Airbnb said it will be investing US$5 million in the US to boost its experiences program, encouraging entrepreneurs and community organizations to create immersive experiences for travelers.