MemeBot offers AI-powered marketing solutions

September 05, 2018 17:00
Sam Ngan, co-founder of MemePR. The startup offers marketing solutions to enterprises through its AI-powered chatbot MemeBot. Photo: HKEJ

Companies in various sectors are now increasing their investment in new technologies and deploying them in their business to gain a competitive advantage.

Founded by Sam Ngan and Echo Chang in 2016, MemePR employs artificial intelligence (AI) to provide marketing solutions to companies. Its chatbot MemeBot helps clients save time and effort by simplifying the process of planning, negotiating and executing a marketing campaign.

The chatbot automatically analyzes customer needs, then provides six to seven marketing proposals after the client confirms the order through the online platform.

Once the client picks a preferred proposal, the platform will automatically contact the relevant service providers.

“There are companies, particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs), with excellent products and ideas, but they lack marketing strategies, as well as the budget,” Ngan said. “We see these pain points, and try to solve the problem by technology.”

Ngan said AI chatbots help clients in decision-making by providing them with real-time solutions, instant marketing plan quotes and key performance indicators.

A company does not need to hire a dedicated marketing staff, and the MemeBot solution also reduces the risk of resource misallocation.

MemePR’s Hong Kong office focuses on sales, while its Taiwan office is mainly engaged in technology research and development.

Ngan said Hong Kong, as an international financial center, offers a stable supply of clients, while Taiwan brings together the technology talents needed to accomplish the client's goals. 

He also said there is a better-established startup atmosphere in Taiwan, with a pool of young talents willing to spend a few years to follow their dream and join startups.

On the other hand, technology talents in Hong Kong tend to put more emphasis on the salary and benefit package offered by companies, and they may not be eager to realize their ambitions in SMEs, Ngan said.

The company has about 100 clients and has partnered with over 2,000 companies worldwide. 

It is now in the process of launching a financing round. “I do believe that we should only start to seek financing when a product really goes mature, ready to realize the value of its business model,” Ngan said.

He also revealed that MemePR has partnered with Chinese tech media 36Kr and plans to set up an office in Beijing.

This article appeared in the Hong Kong Economic Journal on Sept 5

Translation by Ben Ng

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