US accusations of unfair trade practices 'unacceptable': China

November 23, 2018 09:16
Rejecting Washington's fresh accusations of unfair trade practices, Beijing has reiterated that it will continue to 'safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises.' Photo: Bloomberg

China on Thursday rejected fresh US accusations of perpetuating “unfair” trade practices, and urged Washington to stop making provocations, Reuters reports.

“The US side made new groundless accusations against the Chinese side, and China finds it totally unacceptable,” a commerce ministry spokesman was quoted as saying at a news conference in Beijing.

Voicing deep concern over a report issued by Washington this week, which said China had failed to alter its “unfair” practices, the Chinese spokesman, Gao Feng, urged the Trump administration to change its confrontationist mindset. 

“We hope the United States will drop the words and behaviors that damage bilateral economic and trade relations and adopt a constructive attitude,” Gao said.

The comments came after Washington released an update of the US Trade Representative’s “Section 301” investigation, which looks into China’s intellectual property and technology transfer policies, alleging that Beijing is continuing with unfair practices.

Gao said his ministry is also evaluating the potential impact from a separate US proposal this week to increase control over technology exports, and stressed that Beijing would take the necessary steps to uphold Chinese firms’ legitimate interests.

Citing security concerns, the US government on Monday proposed stepping up scrutiny over technology exports in 14 key high-tech areas including artificial intelligence and microprocessor technology, a move that many analysts view as directly targeting China.

A 30-day public consultation period on the proposal to include those sectors in its broader export control regime is underway and will end on Dec. 19.

“We are evaluating the measures that the United States may take,” Gao said, warning that Washington’s generalization of the concept on national security would only result in unnecessary barriers and damage trade.

“China will pay close attention to the relevant US legislation and take necessary measures to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises as appropriate,” he said.