'Slash career' isn't just taking up multiple part-time jobs

December 24, 2018 10:29
By pursuing the so-called slash-career path, young people will be able to experiment, find direction and hone different skills. Photo: Freepik

A growing number of young people now say they are bored with one single job, and hence they are taking up multiple jobs. But such thing doesn't mean they are necessarily adopting a so-called slash career.

A lot of people tend to confuse a slash lifestyle with working part time.

One key difference is that in a slash career, every job is connected one way or another with the others. There is a crossover effect and they all play a role in the overall career planning.

Most people opt for a slash career because they cannot find one single satisfying job.

Slash allows them to experiment, find direction and hone different skills.

A young acquaintance of mine represents a good example.

He used to work in a large app company in the field of User Experience (UX), which seems a promising career for most people.

However, he decided to quit his decent, well-paying full-time job, and switched to a slash career.

He told me he is doing that to enhance his long-term career prospect.

If he stays with the company, he would most likely focus on a single product, which would give him limited exposure, he said.

But now, with the shift, he gets to involve himself in different UX works and also has the opportunity to travel abroad to see the changes in overseas markets.

Such experience would be very helpful as he builds up his career in the field.

This article appeared in the Hong Kong Economic Journal on Dec 21

Translation by Julie Zhu

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