Google Assistant makes a splash at CES

January 15, 2019 10:46
Google showcased new features of its voice-enabled digital assistant during the CES trade show in Las Vegas last week, Photo: Reuters

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Google made a splash as it unveiled new features of the digital helper software Google Assistant and spoke about its integration to other devices.

Google set up an interactive ride for visitors at its booth in the trade show this year. The ride was located on the second floor of the booth right outside the Las Vegas Convention Center. During a three-minute journey, attendees were able to experience how Google Assistant can be of help in different settings, either at home, in the car, or on-the-go.

Google’s booth was separated into a household and a vehicle area. The Google Home Hub can be installed anywhere, from living room to kitchen.

If a user searches for a recipe, for instance, the device will pull out video instructions. Adjusting lights in different rooms in the house is just a piece of cake.

Two Volkswagen cars were displayed in the vehicle area. Users could connect to Google Assistant after downloading Android Auto. Playing music, making phone calls, sending messages, or finding the best route when driving, can all be done with ease.

Google said it expects Assistant to be available on 1 billion devices by the end of January.

Hardware devices represent interfaces for consumers to access the world. Television used to be the main channel, but no more, as YouTube has replaced TV as the world’s biggest TV channel.

Smartphone, meanwhile, is now hitting the growth ceiling.

Smart cars are probably going to be the next device people will spend more time on. In the meantime, we should also pay attention to other new devices.

The devices that win the most traffic will get the bulk of advertising dollars.

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