Two women sentenced to jail for child abuse

January 18, 2019 18:02
Handing jail terms to two women who had been accused of child abuse, a district court judge said he found the behavior of the defendants shocking and appalling. Photo: HKEJ

A Hong Kong court on Thursday sentenced two women to jail after they pleaded guilty to a charge of mistreating a four-year-old girl who had been in their care.

District Court judge Ho Chun-yiu handed prison term of two years and eight months to the accused in a child abuse case, saying he found their behavior shocking and appalling.

In the dock were two women, a 37-year-old surnamed Chan, and her partner Fung, who was 41 years in age.

Chan got an extra two months, served concurrently, as she was also convicted of one count of possession of dangerous drugs and one count of possession of apparatus fit and intended for the inhalation of dangerous drugs.

The court heard earlier that the two defendants agreed in 2017 to take care of a girl, referred to as X, who was four at that time and whose mother had been their friend.

There were entrusted with the child as the mother had to be away from Hong Kong for a long time, but couldn't take her daughter with her for some reason, according to reports.

Taking charge of X, the two caretakers subjected the child to horrific abuse, according to the prosecution team.

The defendants admitted that they punched and slapped X during her stay at their home in Mong Kok, with Chan even placing a lighter near the girl's thigh to scare her, RTHK reported.

The punishment was meted out as the women apparently found the child difficult to handle.

The girl was later sent to hospital for intensive care, where she was found to have suffered cerebral hemorrhage and her life had once been in danger.

According to reports, Chan and Po had been a lesbian couple when they took charge of the child.

In his ruling, judge Ho said that although the victim had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and could be somewhat difficult to handle, that was no excuse for the defendants to abuse the girl.

Condemning the pair for their cruelty toward the little girl, Ho said there was no room for leniency in sentencing, despite the fact that the child has now recovered from her suffering.

During the hearings, the defendants told the court that they had grown up in broken families, but that failed to move the judge.

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