Access to Microsoft's Bing restored for some users in China

January 25, 2019 09:15
Microsoft is trying to determine why its Bing search engine became unavailable for users in China for some time this week. Credit: Reuters

Microsoft's Bing search engine was accessible for some internet users in mainland China late on Thursday, indicating that online access to the foreign technology service may have been restored within the country’s Great Firewall, Reuters reports.

Bing’s website was accessible on mobile as well as broadband connections, though some users still reported occasional difficulties and it was not clear whether resumption to service was temporary or permanent, the report said.

Microsoft said on Wednesday that Bing had been blocked in China and that it was trying to determine its next steps.

Searches performed on Bing’s China website at from within mainland China on Wednesday directed users to a page saying the server could not be reached.

Bing was the only major foreign search engine that had been accessible from within China’s so-called Great Firewall, with Microsoft censoring search results on sensitive topics, in accordance with Chinese government policy.

Google search platform has been blocked in China since 2010. 

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