Here we go again: how to win the Mark Six jackpot

February 08, 2019 13:50
Long queues of punters are expected again at Jockey Club outlets to bet on Saturday's HK100 million Mark Six snowball draw. Photo: HKEJ

And so it's that time of the year again when we hope and pray to become an instant multimillionaire and realize all our wildest dreams.

That's right, I'm talking about the HK$100 million in cold cash that is waiting to be had from Jockey Club's Mark Six Chinese New Year snowball draw.

If you are planning to win, here are a few tips on how to get that elusive winning combination of numbers. Just don't blame us if you end up not even getting three numbers right.  It's a game of chance, if you have to be reminded of that.

First, try doing a "quick pick" at a Jockey Club outlet. That means don't bet online, and don't rely solely on your combination of lucky numbers such us the birthdates of loved ones. Let random computerized betting weave its magic on you.

Consider the data: three of the four top winners in the last five Spring Snowball draws bought computer-generated numbers.

According to local website, the winners bought a HK$10 six-number ticket, a HK$70 seven-number ticket, a seven-number ticket at HK$5 each or an eight-number ticket at HK$5 each.

The first Mark Six draw in the Year of Pig this weekend could have the biggest-ever jackpot for the Hong Kong lottery. Of the amount to be won, HK$75 million will put up by the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

This is great news for punters, especially those who are still hurting from the 10 percent drop in the stock market in 2018 and a flat home market that returned the pricing power to the seller rather than the buyer.

Location also matters. The Jockey Club outlet on Stanley Street is sure to see kilometric queues today and tomorrow.

Which is to be expected. The center has sold 47 of the top prize-winning tickets since 1994, making it the luckiest of all the Mark Six betting stations.

But also consider the outlet at Tuen Mun Town Plaza, which won 40 of the top prizes during the same period.

The Tin Shui Wai center is fast catching up in popularity with 12 jackpot winners in the last five years.

In case you are the lucky punter on Saturday, don't forget this: Mark Six bettors who win more than HK$5 million must call the 1817 hotline right after the draw and register their winning ticket. You also need to claim the prize within 60 days.

So, very good luck to all of us, not just this Saturday but twice every week.

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EJ Insight writer