Some potential early applications of 5G

March 04, 2019 12:49
Features such as high-speed transmission will help 5G open up a wide range of applications. Photo: Reuters

The fifth-generation of mobile communications technology has features like high-speed transmission and super-quick response times. It can also connect a great number of devices at the same time. It’s widely believed that these features will help 5G open up lots of different applications.

The famous action game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) has lured a great number of players after its mobile version was launched.

However, the game is quite demanding on the speed of the network and the terminal, especially when over 100 players are playing together.

The 5G network's low communication latency and high-speed data transmission enable the cloud to complete game-related complex calculations and storage, relieving the burden on the terminal, be it a personal computer, a tablet or a handset. 

As such, 5G has the potential to transform the gaming industry.

Healthcare is another area where 5G can play a vital role. For example, wearable devices combined with the Internet of Things will enable users to monitor various health indicators to combat diseases.

Microsoft's HoloLens can help surgeons better visualize what they’ll encounter when they perform difficult operations.

Microsoft has launched a mixed reality headset, Hololens 2, at the Mobile World Congress.

Autonomous driving is another area where 5G will play a crucial role. Some people may have concerns about self-driving technology, but actually, railways have already introduced self-driving.

Automated driving would not only prevent traffic accidents, but also improve traffic management in cities.

When combined with big data, cloud computing, artificial technology and other innovative technologies, 5G is going to open up many amazing opportunities.

This article appeared in the Hong Kong Economic Journal on March 1

Translation by Julie Zhu

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