Missing TransLantau race runner found safe, resting in hotel

March 04, 2019 17:29
A file photo of Mui Wo in Lantau Island where a TransLantau race runner was found taking refuge in a hotel without informing his family, triggering a missing person report. Photo: HKEJ

A man who was reported missing over the weekend after joining a three-day trail running event in Lantau Island has been found safe and sound, with authorities saying it was a case of false alarm.

According to the police, the person who was feared missing -- a 33-year-old surnamed Lam -- had been staying at a hotel and getting rest, and that he was safe and not injured.

Following some inquiries, the police said they don't believe there was anything suspicious in relation to the incident.

Lam had taken part in the 100-kilometer race of the TransLantau trail run, which started at 11:30 pm on Friday.

He was supposed to complete the race within 33 hours as per the rules, but he was found unable to be reached at some point during the event, with no one seeming to know about his whereabouts.

Fearing that something was amiss, Lam's wife called the police at around 2 am on Sunday, informing them that her husband hadn't come home after the event.

An investigation revealed that Lam arrived at a checkpoint in Tai O at noon on Saturday, but he failed to make it to to the next checkpoint in Ngong Ping, hk01.com reports.

Sabrina Dumont, the event manager of the organizer, said they tried to get in touch with Lam on the phone but failed to establish contact. They then called Lam’s wife and informed them of the situation.

But the organizer later found Lam’s drop bag had been picked up, which made them believe that he was safe. However, Lam’s wife said her husband hadn't returned home yet, prompting an alarm.

After being alerted about the missing person, the police rushed to Mui Wo immediately to make inquiries.

A search was conducted in Tai O conducted by firefighters and Government Flying Service crew but it failed to yield any trace of Lam during the night.

However, on Sunday morning, Lam's phone was switched on again after which he called his wife and told her that he was resting at the Silvermine Beach Hotel.

Lam and his wife met at the hotel under arrangements made by the police.

It was understood that Lam felt tired after he was past Tai O, so he decided to check into the hotel to get some rest.

But he apparently failed to inform his wife about the matter, paving way for the missing person report. 

In a social media post on Sunday, Lam said he would like to thank everybody for their help, and said he was very sorry for causing the misunderstanding.

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