Pan-dem Hui says he was injured as Legco guards evicted him

March 19, 2019 14:55
Democratic Party lawmaker Ted Hui is physically removed by security guards from a meeting of the committee on the national anthem bill on Monday. Photo: TVB News

Democratic Party lawmaker Ted Hui Chi-fung has filed a police report saying he was injured when Legislative Council security guards physically removed him from a committee meeting on the national anthem bill.

Hui said the guards' action of evicting him, as ordered by pro-establishment lawmaker Martin Liao Cheung-kong, who chairs the bills committee, was tantamount to a personal assault, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reports.

Hui demanded that the Legco Commission give a full account of the incident because he is worried that it might encourage guards to use violence on lawmakers.

The meeting was called by the bills committee to deliberate on the national anthem bill proposed by the government last year in compliance with the mainland's national anthem law, which took effect on Oct. 1, 2017.

On Nov. 4, 2017, the National People’s Congress Standing Committee decided that Hong Kong must add the new law into Annex III of the Basic Law, at the proper time, meaning the SAR will have to legislate its version of the law and implement it.

On Saturday, the committee held a public hearing, during which several members of Demosistō staged a protest against the bill and were subsequently evicted.

At Monday’s meeting, Liao, as the panel's chairman, set a deadline for submitting written questions, a move that sparked strong protests from the opposition.

Hui pressed Liao with questions but Liao asked him to stop. Liao eventually ordered security guards to evict him.

Hui then clashed with the guards executing the order, causing one of them to be injured, before he left the chamber.

He later told media that a medical examination confirmed that he suffered an injury in the soft tissue of the wrist joint of his right hand as a result of the incident.

Liao, on the other hand, accused Hui of abusing his power, alleging that the pan-democrat was speaking from his seat even after he was asked to stop, prompting him to call the guards for help.

In a statement, the Democratic Party’s Legco group slammed Liao for setting a deadline on the submission of opinions, noting that the committee had never imposed such a limitation in the past. It said Liao's move undermined the public's monitoring authority.

The Democratic Party also criticized Liao for acting without first consulting the committee members and failing to ensure the members’ full participation in the deliberations.

It also called for a thorough investigation into the incident, including the possible use of excessive force by security guards.

This was not the first time that Hui has been accused of improper behavior at the chamber. In April last year, the Democratic Party suspended his party membership in connection with a phone-snatching incident involving a civil servant at the Legco building.

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