HK startup Nexstgo carves out space in crowded laptop market

June 06, 2019 13:40
Beating the odds, Alex Chung successfully broke into the laptop market with his startup Nexstgo. Photo: Facebook

It's hard for a local brand to establish itself overseas. Nexstgo, an electronics gadget brand created by corporate executive-turned-entrepreneur Alex Chung, whom I have known for over 20 years, is one of the rare successful cases.

Chung used to hold senior positions in corporate entities such as Sony, Lenovo and Samsung. Two years ago, he started his own company along with a partner.

The duo created Nexstgo to focus on laptops and other smart devices.

Some might doubt if there is any room for startups in the laptop market, which is already dominated by a handful of global firms.

How will a Hong Kong brand be able to compete with the multinational corporations, observers wondered.

But in just two years, the company’s operations have expanded into 12 markets. Other than Asia, it’s also preparing to expand into the US and UK markets.

Nexstgo recently launched a new stylish laptop line, Admiror, during the Computex Taipei trade show.

The Admiror has an ultra-sleek chassis that merges premium materials with a colorful, fashionable design. The 14-inch model offers a 4K panel.

Previously, Nextgo won a Computex Best Choice award with its Avita Liber series.

The HK-based startup has set up a research and design center in Taiwan.

I am proud of Chung’s achievements and hope there will be more local startup successes such as Nextgo.

This article appeared in the Hong Kong Economic Journal on June 6

Translation by Julie Zhu

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