Dell, HP, others oppose proposed tariffs on laptops, tablets

June 20, 2019 09:45
Washington’s proposed tariffs on laptops and tablet devices from China could lead to US consumers paying almost 20% more for imported products, computer makers have warned. Photo: Bloomberg

Dell, HP, Microsoft and Intel on Wednesday opposed US President Donald Trump’s proposal to include laptop computers and tablets among the Chinese goods targeted for tariffs, Reuters reports.

Dell, HP and Microsoft, which together account for 52 percent of the notebooks and detachable tablets sold in the US, said the proposed tariffs will increase the cost of laptops in the country.

The move will hurt consumers and the industry, and would not address the Chinese trade practices that Washington is seeking to remedy, the three computer makers said in a joint statement along with chipmaker Intel.

Implementing the proposed tariffs would increase US prices for laptops and tablets by at least 19 percent, or around US$120 for the average retail price of a laptop, the companies said, citing a recent study by the Consumer Technology Association.

“A price increase of that magnitude may even put laptop devices entirely out of reach for our most cost-conscious consumers,” the firms said, noting that the price hikes would occur during peak holiday and back-to-school seasons.

In a separate statement, Microsoft, along with video game makers Nintendo of America and Sony Interactive Entertainment said the tariffs on video game consoles could stifle innovation, hurt consumers and put thousands of jobs at risk.

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