Woman injured as boar scurries around in MTR station

June 20, 2019 16:25
A cellphone picture shows police officers setting up metal barricades in MTR’s Kennedy Town station as they try to contain a wild boar that wandered into the station on Wednesday evening. Photo: Internet

A woman suffered minor injuries at a commuter rail station in Hong Kong on Wednesday as a wild boar darted into the subway facility and scurried here and there before it was subdued. 

At about 7 pm, an injured boar, weighing about 80 kilograms, made its way into MTR's Kennedy Town station, causing bemusement as well as panic among passengers.

There were bloodstains leading from the C exit of the station to the lobby.

Station staff said they believe the wild pig was injured in the leg before it entered the station.

Police arrived on the scene after being alerted about the incident, and set up barricades to contain the animal within a small area.

But by that time, the boar had already caused injuries to a female passenger within the station, as it collided with the woman while running around in panic.

The lady, who suffered minor thigh injuries, was taken to the Queen Mary Hospital. She was reported to be doing fine after treatment.

As for the boar, officers from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department shot the animal with a tranquilizer dart, at about 9:45 pm, bringing the situation under control.

The boar was then taken to the government's animal management center.

MTR officials said train services were not interrupted during the entire incident.