Wild boar found in MTR station euthanized

June 21, 2019 13:48
The wild boar found at the MTR Kennedy Town station was euthanized after veterinarians concluded that it could not recover from its injuries. Photo: CNSA

The wild boar that wandered into the MTR station in Kennedy Town on Wednesday is now dead.

The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) decided to have the animal euthanized after determining that it could no longer recover from its injuries.

The pig was found injured in its hind legs, and the wounds appeared seriously infected and ulcerated. Its hoof walls had also fallen off.

After discussion, the AFCD veterinarians concluded that the pig's injuries were too serious for recovery.

Roni Wong, an officer of the Hong Kong Wild Boar Concern Group, said he was disappointed with the AFCD's decision to euthanize the boar, adding that it was doubtful that the animal could not recover from its wounds.

He said the department should issue a detailed medical report on the boar, and a full explanation regarding its conclusion that its injuries were untreatable. 

Wong also urged the government to devote more resources for the care of wildlife.

The wild pig triggered a commotion among commuters when it wandered into the Kennedy Town MTR Station and scampered around the facility on Wednesday night, leaving behind a trail of bloodstains and slightly injuring a passenger before it was subdued.

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