How an app helps volunteers and NGOs

June 24, 2019 12:05
Social Career app fills a void in the market as it offers a matching platform for volunteers and NGOs. Photo: Social Career

One often hears the complaint that Hongkongers only care about money. The accusation may be too harsh as I find that many locals do come forward to do volunteer work or join NGO activities.

In the past, this group of passionate people did not have a platform where they could search for opportunities and suitable non-profit organizations to work for. Likewise, NGOs found it hard to recruit the right volunteers.

Now, a Social Career app fills the void. By offering a matching platform for volunteers and NGOs, the service encourages the general public to become volunteers.

Social Career, a Hong Kong non-profit organization, lists more than 2,000 projects for potential volunteers to choose from. And the system would record the attendance of registered volunteers.

A volunteer job one really likes could help expand the person’s network and skill sets, because volunteer works, too, demand techniques and experiences.

For example, volunteers who help the elderly need to have some knowledge about the people's medical care needs.

Besides helping others, volunteering is a good way to explore a different career and develop a "slashie" lifestyle.

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Hong Kong Information Technology Federation Chairman