CEOs can also have a slash lifestyle

July 08, 2019 10:25
Pursuing a so-called slash career can help an individual achieve work-life balance and satisfaction. Photo: Freepik

When I stepped down as CEO of Tse Sui Luen Jewellery in 2010, I said I wanted to devote more time to the society and to education. Many people thought that there must be some untold reasons behind my resignation. But time has proved that I really meant what I said.

I’m now teaching an 'Introduction to Entrepreneurship' course at a university and also coaching several fresh CEOs at the same time.

My experience in running startups and big listed companies, as well as my industry knowledge and contacts, I believe, would be a perfect match with the endless energy and passion of young entrepreneurs.

Many believe CEO post is a very demanding job, and that the top bosses won’t have time to have a second job, but own experience suggests otherwise.

I started my career in Silicon Valley two decades ago. Back then, I gave more than 100 percent of myself to my job. I had no time for my family, and I became increasingly bad-tempered, leading to some internal conflicts. I finally realized that too much stress could backfire.

Over the years, I began to appreciate how the concept of “governing by doing nothing” by ancient Chinese philosopher Laozi can be applied to management.

Senior management won’t possibly be able to get hold of every detail as a company keeps growing.

Worse, a CEO may lose sight of the big picture by focusing too much on the details.

Therefore, it’s critical to set up a system to help every employee to give his or her best.

For that reason, I always keep a second project on hand.

This article appeared in the Hong Kong Economic Journal on July 5

Translation by Julie Zhu

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