Tuen Mun DC passes motion for curbing noisy park singers

July 10, 2019 18:02
Following complaints of noise pollution and other nuisance at the Tuen Mun Park, district council members have called for elimination of the so-called self-entertainment zones at the park. Photo: HKEJ

The Tuen Mun District Council on Tuesday passed a motion calling for enhancement of law enforcement and curbing noisy song and dance performers at a neighborhood park.

Following a large rally held by locals last weekend against the growing menace of noise pollution in the Tuen Mun Park, district council members also decided to urge the government to scrap the self-entertainment zones at the park altogether.

On Saturday, thousands of people staged a march in Tuen Mun to complain about the so-called dama, or middle-aged Chinese women, who gather in the park for activities such as singing and dancing.

Often accompanied by loud music, the performances were disturbing the peace in the area and causing nuisance to people living in the neighborhood, the locals said.

Meanwhile, it was also alleged that some of the performers were putting on raunchy or indecent dance moves and that some were even engaged in shady activities such as prostitution.

Following the huge rally by citizens, the Tuen Mun District Council took up the matter for discussion on Tuesday.

Outlining the need to strengthen law enforcement in the public venue as well as ban the use of loudspeakers, council members also passed a motion urging the government to do away with the self-entertainment zones at the park.

In the wake of the resolution, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department announced that it would immediately stop accepting new applications for such designated zones, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reports.

The department said the applications that have already been approved for self-entertainment zone use until September will not be affected.

In other comments, the department said it will continue monitoring performing activities outside the self-entertainment zones, and also strengthen cooperation with police to maintain order.

The Tuen Mun Park Sanitation Concern Group, which organized Saturday’s protest march, said on its Facebook page on Tuesday that it is good to see the district council try to solve the noise problem at the park quickly.

The call to eliminate the self-entertainment zones altogether is a good move, it said.

Meanwhile, there were some who voiced concern about such action, arguing that killing the self-entertainment zones would be wrong as it would affect innocent performers.

Leung Kin-man of the pro-Beijing the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong, who chairs the Tuen Mun District Council, said bluntly that scrapping the zones is not a solution to issues such as raunchy dance moves.

According to him, not all the complaints about the activities in the park are justified.

Leung added that although the council supports revisions of the existing law to combat noise, the proposed law revision was yet to be submitted to the Legislative Council.

The Legco announced recently that it was suspending operations for two weeks following the violence in its premises by anti-extradition bill demonstrators.

The law revision is anticipated not to be in this year, hence the situation in the park is unlikely to be improved shortly, Leung said.

Meanwhile, Ngan Yuen-yee, the deputy commander of the police's Tuen Mun District, told the council on Tuesday that they received a report on June 7 alleging there were indecent moves and money taken as well by some street performers.

The police conducted three on-site checks in the park between June 7 and 12, but failed to detect anything amiss, she said.

Ngan added that the police do not have enough manpower to follow up on all the complaints, especially as officers have been deployed elsewhere to deal with the extradition bill-related protests.

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