Employers satisfied with work of college graduates: survey

July 12, 2019 13:43
College graduates were the best in terms of work attitude, a survey conducted by the Education Bureau shows. Photo: CNSA

College graduates in Hong Kong generally meet the expectations of their employers in terms of work performance, an Education Bureau (EDB) survey shows.

The survey, conducted from the first to the fourth quarter of 2018, collected employers' opinions on nine broad aspects of the graduates' performance, including language proficiency (English and Chinese), knowledge of information technology, as well as analytical and problem-solving abilities.

Graduates of first-degree courses in 2016 were the best in terms of work attitude, followed by information technology literacy, language proficiency and interpersonal skills.

They scored over 3.5 in each the nine aspects, with five being the highest score, meaning their performance was generally better than "generally meeting employers' required standards".

Overall, their work performance was 3.7, the highest score in the eight rounds of surveys conducted since 1998.

About 97 percent of the surveyed employers were satisfied with the performance of the first-degree graduates, while 95 percent of them said sub-degree graduates met their standards.

The same survey showed that more than half of the employers saw a need to step up collaboration between industries and educational institutions, and expressed willingness to provide internships and pre-employment training for post-secondary students.

In the research, more than 2,200 valid responses were received from 1,800 companies, organizations and government agencies.

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