Lawmaker vows to pursue justice for Yuen Long attack victims

July 25, 2019 17:09
Democratic Party lawmaker Lam Cheuk-ting (center) holds a press conference on Wednesday along with some other victims and witnesses of Sunday’s train station attacks in Yuen Long. Photo: HKEJ

Democratic Party lawmaker Lam Cheuk-ting, who was injured in Sunday's ghastly attacks in Yuen Long, said he will seek justice for himself and well as for all the fellow victims of the violence unleashed by suspected gangsters.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Lam said the attacks that took place in Yuen Long were premeditated, with preset targets, and that the incident should be condemned in the strongest possible terms.

A team of lawyers will be arranged to seek justice for the victims and bring the assailants to book, using criminal as well as civil proceedings, he said.

Meanwhile, efforts will also be directed at holding the police accountable for lapses in discharging their duties, Lam said, while also suggesting that the officers may have willfully turned a blind eye to the violence that indiscriminately targeted anti-government protesters and other civilians.

In addition, compensation for third-party risk insurance will be sought from the rail operator MTR Corporation, the lawmaker said.

In Sunday’s attacks, a group of white-clad people targeted not only people wearing black, the dress code of anti-government protesters in recent weeks but also other passengers, using weapons such as rods, pipes and brooms to attack them in the concourse of Yuen Long MTR Station and in train compartments, as well as in some other locations in Yuen Long. 

Among the injured were some who were believed to be returning to Yuen Long after participating in a protest march that took place on Hong Kong Island earlier in the day.

Some journalists were injured as well while covering the incident that happened in the night.

A number of the victims ended up bleeding after they were beaten up, and Lam himself got multiple stitches for the wounds he sustained in the incident, which saw the police come under severe criticism for taking no effective action on the spot.

Lam told media that he will contact the police staff in charge of this case to inquire how they hope to inspire confidence among the public that they would conduct an impartial investigation.

What is needed an independent commission of inquiry, which can look into the Yuen Long incident as well as other clashes that took place in the city in recent weeks, he said.

Several victims and witnesses of the Yuen Long attacks showed up at the press conference on Wednesday, demanding an apology from pro-Beijing lawmaker Junius Ho Kwan-yiu.

Ho, who was caught on video in conversation with some white-clad people, had said after the incident that some of those who were beaten up that night should blame themselves as they had engaged in provocative actions.

One of the attending victims stressed that many civilians who were not anti-extradition bill protesters were also attacked during the Sunday incident.

He recalled that one could smell blood in the cars of a train that had stopped at the station at that time as some passengers had been beaten up badly inside the carriages.

Passengers felt helpless because when they tried to call the police, they found that either the line failed to connect or no one answered, the person said.

He criticized the police for mishandling the incident, and added that the experience has made him lose confidence in the force.

Another victim noted that he called the police after arriving at Tuen Mun Hospital that night, only to see officers come to take down his phone number and address and then leave without telling him the reference number of his case.

The person claimed that he was yet to be contacted by the police for any follow-up investigation.

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