Protesters fight off attackers in North Point, Tsuen Wan

August 06, 2019 13:08
Members of a group opposing the street protests confront anti-government demonstrators in North Point on Monday night. Photo: Reuters

A mob attack on anti-government protesters was reported from North Point Monday night, two weeks after a similar incident took place in Yuen Long and sent shockwaves across Hong Kong.

Some black-clad protesters were set upon by a group of people, who were mostly wearing white, when the demonstrators were blocking a Quarry Bay-bound section of King's Road.

The stick-wielding mob first gathered in the vicinity of Ming Yuen Western Street before they came at the protesters near a private residential estate at around 8 pm, leading to an intense fight.

After learning about what happened, a large number of other protesters on King's Road rushed to the scene and joined the fight against the assailants, who ended up retreating, Headline Daily reported.

The incident was reminiscent of the July 21 attacks, in which a group of white-clad people targeted people wearing black as well as other passengers, launching indiscriminate attacks using weapons such as rods, pipes, and brooms at Yuen long MTR Station.

The violent incident angered many citizens, some of whom slammed the police for late response and even accused them of colluding with triad gangsters.

In another incident Monday, a video clip posted online showed a black-clad man who was suspected to have been assaulted by a group of blue-clad men in Tsuen Wan.

In the confrontation that took place in the night, assailants were seen wandering on a street in the district when they come face to face with black-clad protesters.

The two sides exchanged angry words, before the situation deteriorated into physical assault on at least one black-clad person.

The victim, who sustained a head injury and was seen with blood on his face, claimed that he was attacked by the blue-clad people. He was later taken to hospital by ambulance.

According to, a bunch of people wearing blue and white clothes ran out of Chuen Lung Street to Sha Tsui Road at around 11 pm, using sticks and other weapons to attack black-clad protesters.

The protesters then fought back with anything they could find, resulting in a very chaotic situation. The melee lasted about half an hour before police arrived at the scene.

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Violence erupts as protesters and a group of men armed with long poles face off each other on King's Road. Photo: Internet