Two ExCo members say 'mastermind' behind recent protests

August 09, 2019 17:58
Executive Council members Regina Ip and Ip Kwok-him believe some shadowy force is plotting the actions of the protesters. Photo: HKEJ

Two non-official members of the Executive Council said they believe some shadowy force has been behind recent anti-government protests.

However, the two – New People's Party chairwoman Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee and National People's Congress deputy Ip Kwok-him – were not able to provide concrete evidence to substantiate their allegations.

Speaking at a radio program on Thursday, Regina Ip said that although the demonstrators claim they have never depended on a "mastermind", she believes there is an invisible and sophisticated “big boss” plotting their actions.

The mastermind is very good at using different communication channels, such as the instant messaging app Telegram, the LIHKG forum and Apple’s AirDrop, to initiate a series of large-scale demonstrations, she said.

But the lawmaker admitted she has no idea who that mastermind is and she is not sure whether the government holds any related information.

Ip Kwok-him told the same radio program that the protesters are using equipment that is as good as that used by riot police, and that shows the protesters are being supported and commanded by some force from behind the scenes.

The former vice chairman of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong also said it was a smart move on the part of the demonstrators to apologize for any inconvenience caused after they staged a protest at the Immigration Tower recently, and this again shows that there is a mastermind directing their actions.

However, he could say who the mastermind is, only pointing out that the person is capable of organizing protests in a way that he has never seen before. 

The mastermind is so powerful that protesters are totally willing to follow the instructions they are given during protests.

As such, the current unrest will only end after the mastermind is caught, he said.

At a "civil press conference" on Thursday, the second of its kind that protesters held to voice their views, one activist told media that there is no mastermind behind the actions they are taken.

She said their actions are spontaneous and the masses themselves initiate the street protests, adding that she has no power to tell others what to do.

She urged officials to catch up with the digital era instead of holding on to their mistaken belief that a leader is required to gather people together and initiate an action.

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