Tycoon Li Ka-shing urges halt to violence

August 16, 2019 18:32
Li Ka-shing has joined the calls from within the business community to warn about the dangers of the ongoing social unrest in Hong Kong. Photo: Bloomberg

Tycoon Li Ka-shing urged Hong Kong people to “love China, love Hong Kong and love yourself” on Friday, joining calls from the business community to bring back calm to society following the recent violent protests in the city.

In front-page advertisements in major newspapers in Hong Kong, Li urged the public to “cease the anger with love” and “stop the violence”.

The advertisements were signed “a Hong Kong citizen Li Ka-shing”.

The message came as ten weeks of confrontations between police and protesters have plunged Hong Kong into turmoil.

As police tactics against protesters have been hardening, Li warned that “the best cause can lead to the worst results”.

Li, who formerly chaired CK Hutchison Holdings, did not make any reference to supporting the Hong Kong government or its embattled leader Carrie Lam in the advertisements, which encouraged freedom, tolerance and the rule of law.

However, a statement issued later by a spokesman quoted Li as saying “the road to Hell is often paved with good intentions. We need to be mindful of unintended consequences”.

Li, who is now 91, said it is important to invest in the younger generation to bear fruit for the future and for Hong Kong.

“The young always fear the future has nothing to do with them,” Li’s statement said.

“I think the government heard the messages from the protesters loud and clear and is diligently racking their brains now for solutions.” with Reuters

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