China envoy raps Germany over meeting with HK's Joshua Wong

September 12, 2019 09:46
Joshua Wong speaks to students at the Humboldt University in Berlin on Wednesday. China has slammed German officials’ meetings with the Hong Kong democracy activist. Photo: Reuters

China's envoy to Berlin has denounced a meeting between Germany's foreign minister and Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong, warning that such engagements will hurt Sino-German ties.

“What happened now, I unfortunately have to say, will have negative consequences on bilateral relations and the Chinese side has to react,” Ambassador Ken Wu told reporters on Wednesday, according to an official German translation, Reuters reports.

The ambassador added that the Foreign Ministry in Beijing had summoned the German envoy there in protest at the meeting, a statement later confirmed by Germany’s foreign ministry.

At a time when Hong Kong is being rocked by protests, pro-democracy activist Wong arrived in Berlin on Monday night and German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas received him.

After his arrival in Berlin, Wong said Hong Kong was a bulwark between the free world and the “dictatorship of China”..

“After his arrival we took note that unfortunately certain politicians - and I will say very openly that it is Foreign Minister Maas himself - as well as some members of parliament met with Joshua Wong,” said the Chinese ambassador.

“We don’t know what goal these politicians have. Are they actually seriously concerned about Hong Kong’s freedom, democracy and rule of law or they want to add fuel to the fire and thereby make political capital out of it?”

The ambassador pointed out that Germany and China were important trade partners.

“China’s sovereignty and security must be respected. I therefore advise politicians against covering up violent crimes and meddling with Hong Kong’s and China’s internal affairs,” said the envoy.

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