MTR train derails near Hung Hom station, leaving 8 injured

September 17, 2019 13:49
MTR says it is too early to come to any conclusions on the cause of a train derailment near Hung Hom early Tuesday. Photo: Online video/screen shot

A commuter train derailed near Hung Hom station in Hong Kong on Tuesday, leaving eight people injured and causing chaos during the morning rush hour.

According to RTHK, the train on the East Rail Line suddenly swayed and a door flew off before the train stopped.

Firefighters, paramedics and police took over the station soon after the incident.

The Fire Services Department later said eight people were injured, with five requiring hospital treatment.

Online footage showed hundreds of passengers trying to disembark from the derailed train.

Following the accident, train service between Hung Hom Station and Mong Kok East Station was suspended.

The Transport Department announced that four through trains from Hung Hom to the mainland would be cancelled today, along with three southbound trains.

The cause of the accident is not known.

As of 11:25 am, trains were running at six-minute intervals between Mong Kok East Station and Lo Wu Station, while trains between Mok Kok East and Lok Ma Chau Station were running at 18-minute interval.

A free shuttle bus service is operating between Tai Wai Station and Diamond Hill Station, according to the MTR.

Train services on the West Rail Line began resuming gradually after 11:30 am, before turning fully normal a short while later.

Secretary for Transport and Housing Frank Chan Fan visited Hung Hom Station in the morning to inspect the scene. 

Speaking to reporters after inspecting the damage, Chan said he will not rule out any possibility as to the cause of the derailment, but stressed that no one should engage in undue speculation.

This is a very serious railway incident, Chan said, adding the government will look into it carefully.

The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, together with relevant departments, will make a quick and thorough assessment to determine the cause of the accident, he said.

MTR operations director Adi Lau Tin-shing called the derailment incident serious and rare, apologizing to those injured in the incident and the passengers who were affected.

Lau said that, under normal operations, there are three possible reasons for a derailment, namely, an object on the tracks, a defect in the rails, and a defect in the train, adding that it is too early to come to any conclusions.

Stressing that MTR attaches great importance to the incident, he said the rail firm will set up an investigative panel and cooperate with the probe of the government.

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