Lawmaker Roy Kwong says he won't be deterred by violent attack

September 25, 2019 13:45
Roy Kwong was treated for injuries to his neck, back and arms after he was beaten up by some thugs in Tin Shui Wai Tuesday morning. Photo: RTHK

A pro-democracy lawmaker who was assaulted by a group of masked men on Tuesday has said the intimidation tactics won't deter him from continuing his fight to protect the interests of Hong Kong people.

Speaking to reporters outside a hospital where he received treatment for injuries, the Democratic Party's Roy Kwong Chun-yu described the attack on him as an outrageous incident that should alarm everyone.  

“If we come under attack for protecting Hong Kong people – students, citizens, this is an international scandal,” Kwong said.

But he added that his pain is “nothing compared to the harm that has been inflicted on the people of Hong Kong.”

Suggesting that Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor was to be blamed for the Hong Kong crisis, the young lawmaker asked: “How much longer do you want to see this situation go on?”

Addressing the media outside Tin Shui Wai hospital, Kwong revealed that the attack on him took place when he was preparing to drive his car Tuesday morning to go to the Legislative Council.

According to the 36-year-old opposition legislator, three men, wearing masks, suddenly showed up and dragged him out of the car before they began to punch and kick him. He was also kicked hard in the back of his neck.

Following the attack in Tin Shui Wai, Kwong suffered injuries to his neck, back and hands.

While the three men launched the attack, which lasted a minute or so, there was a fourth person standing by and taking a video of the beating, Kwong said, adding that the four men fled the scene together afterwards.

Kwong, who seemed still in pain following the attack, did not take questions from reporters but said he would like to express his gratitude to passers-by who gave him first aid following the incident on Tuesday, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reports.

He insisted that he will not be intimidated by the attack, saying it is his “rightful mission” as a lawmaker to fight for Hong Kong people.

After learning about the attack on the lawmaker, Legco president Andrew Leung Kwan-yuen strongly condemned the violence and urged the police to conduct investigations seriously.

The Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong and the Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong, two pro-establishment political parties, also said that that they are against all violent acts.

The police have, for now, listed the Kwong case as one of "assault occasioning actual bodily harm".

In a statement issued Tuesday night, a government spokesman “strongly condemned the attack” on Kwong, “who sustained injuries after a suspected planned attack” earlier in the day.

The police will “follow up seriously in order to bring those responsible to justice,” the statement said.

The spokesman stressed that the government is “fair in the face of all illegal and violent acts.”

Police sources revealed on Tuesday that as the attack didn't take place indoors or in a parking lot, there is not much CCTV footage. Still, they said they would try their best to collect relevant footage from the area to follow up on the incident.

Yuen Long district councilor Zachary Wong Wai-yin, who is a close friend of Kwong, believes Kwong may have been followed before he was beaten up.

According to Wong, both he and Kwong received threatening letters about a month ago, media reports said.

Several Democratic Party lawmakers who had been at protest sites suffered assaults in recent months.

A Kwong comrade in the Legco, Lam Cheuk-ting, was beaten up by suspected anti-protests groups in Admiralty on June 30 and in Yuen Long on July 21.

Andrew Wan Siu-kin, another lawmaker from the opposition party, said he had been hit with a baton by a police officer in Sheung Shui on July 13.

Opposition camp lawmakers and Democratic Party legislators all issued statements condemning the Tuesday incident.

The pan-dem lawmakers said the attack on an elected representative amounts to attempts to suppress the voice of Hong Kong people.

Given the news that a person was recording while Kwong was being hit, it suggests the attackers were hired muscle, making the video to show as proof of completion of their job, the pan-dem lawmakers said in their statement.

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