Why it's important to ensure a smooth and normal DC election

October 29, 2019 10:19
A file picture shows a polling station during the 2011 District Council Election. Hong Kong is preparing for a hotly contested 2019 local body election as social and political tensions run high in the wake of the months-long unrest in the city. Photo: HKE

With the District Council (DC) election less than a month away, all eyes are on the upcoming contest during which over a thousand candidates will be competing for 452 seats.

Meanwhile, the number of newly registered voters has soared by nearly 400,000 this year, making the November 24 battle even more interesting.

Given the protest scenes that we witnessed during a briefing session for the DC candidates last Thursday and the subsequent cancellation of the event, there is however reason to worry as to how things will unfold in the coming weeks amid the current social and political conflicts in the city.

While we can only wait and watch, let us make this point: the DC race presents a good opportunity for society to return to rationality under which different political opinions can be accommodated within the existing system and be heard.

As such, we believe it is everybody’s responsibility, including the pro-establishment camp, the pan-democrats, the protesters and the law enforcement agencies, to make sure that the election is held in a fair, impartial and smooth fashion.

Making every effort to prevent the election from being sabotaged should be the common goal.

Hong Kong has seen so many mistakes committed over the past few months, and we just cannot afford to let the society sink any further.

To achieve that, all stakeholders in society must be on the same page and say “no” to violence in one voice.

This article appeared in the Hong Kong Economic Journal on Oct 28

Translation by Alan Lee

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