Bothered by all the turmoil? Think of the mega Mark Six jackpot

November 05, 2019 08:36
Clashes between police and protesters have dominated the news. Photo: Reuters

Most people seemed too preoccupied with the protests that the Halloween snowball for Mark Six came and went with no one winning the jackpot.

The protesters did celebrate Halloween by wearing all sorts of masks in defiance of the mask ban promulgated by Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, but those who went trick-or-treating in the streets found themselves treated by police with tear gas and pepper spray.

And so Mask Six – oops, Mark Six – had no winner of the top prize on Oct. 29 (HK$80 million), and still none on Nov. 2 (HK$90 million), taking the estimated First Division Prize Fund to a cool HK$140 million.

The lottery, originally scheduled for today, has been moved to Thursday (Nov. 7) – perhaps to give punters more time to visit their favorite Jockey Club outlets.

Interestingly, this week's mega jackpot, which should normally generate a lot of hopes, dreams and press coverage, doesn't seem to be trending much on social media.

Instead, the talk of the town was the clashes between police and anti-government protesters in six major shopping malls on Sunday, most notably the bloody scenes at Cityplaza in the usually quiet middle-class neighborhood of Taikoo Shing.

Well, the draw is on Thursday yet. Plenty of time to think of those six-number combinations that could open the door to a life of plenty.

Never mind if the home market has remained resilient despite months of protests since June. Also, stock markets have returned to their summer levels, reflecting investor optimism that the United States and China are close to forging a trade deal, but not so much on when the unrest in the city would ease.

Still, Mark Six jackpot winners could afford to say goodbye to Hong Kong and live elsewhere. Depending on the amount of their winnings, they could opt to invest in Australia (A$5 million or HK$27.2 million), Britain (2 million pounds, HK$20.27 million) or Singapore (S$2.5 million, HK$14.4 million).

Those with lesser budget could opt for countries such as Canada (C$1.6 million, HK$9.6 million), the United States (US$500,000, HK$3.9 million), Portugal (350,000 euros, HK$3.06 million or Taiwan (NT$6 million, HK$1.54 million). 

They should, however, take into consideration the tax regime in the place of their choice for investment migration.

It's nice to daydream, isn't it? But nothing really compares to living peacefully and contentedly in the land where you were born and bred.

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