DAB chairwoman Starry Lee keeps seat amid pan-dems' onslaught

November 25, 2019 13:41
Leading figures of the DAB bow in apology during a press conference on Monday morning. Photo: HKEJ

Lawmaker Starry Lee Wai-king was one of the few pro-establishment candidates who survived the brutal onslaught of the pan-democrats in Sunday's district council elections.

Lee, chairwoman of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB), the largest political party in the Legislative Council, was re-elected to her seat in the To Kwa Wan North constituency of the Kowloon City District Council, beating her opponent, disqualified lawmaker “Long Hair” Leung Kwok-hung of the League of Social Democrats, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reports.

Lee, however, did not win big as huge a margin as she had in the last DC election in 2015, when she garnered as many as eight in 10 votes.

In Sunday's election, she obtained 1,881 votes as against Leung's 1,538 votes.

Overall, the DAB won only 21 seats, out of the 181 candidates it fielded in the DC race.

Leading figures of the DAB bowed in apology during a press conference on Monday, admitting that the party has failed in the elections.

Lee said she has offered to resign as DAB leader but the party's central committee rejected her offer as the drabbing in the election was the party's collective failure.

While apologizing to the DAB supporters, Lee thanked the party's supporters and hoped that they won't be discouraged.

Lee noted that violent incidents during the past few months had affected the party's campaigning efforts.

At the same time, she said the party will review its election strategies and work even harder to regain the people's support.

On Sunday afternoon, Lee's press conference was disrupted by Leung, her opponent, who showed up at the event.

Leung slammed her for opposing all forms of violence except that of the police and demanded that she apologize to the public.

In response, Lee bewailed Leung's disruptive acts and called on voters to support DAB candidates to stop violence in society.

As she was leaving, Leung and his supporters blocked Lee's car and challenged her to an open debate, which she refused.

Horace Cheung Kwok-kwan, DAB’s vice chairman, was not so lucky.

During the campaign, he was backed by DAB founding chairman and former Legislative Council president Jasper Tsang Yok-sing as well as Executive Council member Ip Kwok-him.

But Cheung still lost in the Sai Wan constituency of the Central and Western district to pro-democracy candidate Jordan Pang Ka-ho, who obtained 3,289 votes against his 2,494.

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Starry Lee (right, foreground) is confronted by her opponent Leung Kwok-hung (indicated by red arrow) who showed up at her press conference on Sunday afternoon. Photo: HKEJ