China warns US of retaliation over HK human rights act

November 28, 2019 12:39
China has denounced the US move to pass legislation that aims to support the democracy movement in Hong Kong. Photo: Reuters

China warned the United States on Thursday that it will take "firm counter measures" in response to US legislation of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, and said attempts to interfere in Hong Kong affairs were doomed to fail.

The US will shoulder the consequences of China's counter measures if Washington continues to "act arbitrarily” in regards to Hong Kong, the foreign ministry said in a statement in Beijing, Reuters reports.

The Hong Kong government, meanwhile, said the legislation sends the wrong signal to demonstrators and that it amounts to clear interference in Hong Kong's internal affairs.

The comments came after US President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed into law congressional legislation which aims to protect Hong Kong's autonomy and freedoms.

The legislation requires the State Department to certify, at least annually, that Hong Kong retains enough autonomy to justify favorable US trading terms.

It also threatens sanctions for human rights violations.

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