Amazon to ramp up counterfeit reporting to law enforcement

January 14, 2020 09:23
Amazon is stepping up efforts to curb the sale of counterfeit goods on its online platform. Photo: Reuters

E-commerce giant Amazon is planning to give more data on counterfeit goods to law enforcement in a further crackdown on fakes listed on its online retail platform, Reuters reports, citing a person familiar with the program.

The company is said to have held meetings with government authorities and related organizations in recent weeks to discuss its new counterfeit reporting strategy and how the company can further their enforcement efforts.

According to the report, Amazon will report a merchant’s name, company name, product and contact information to authorities, after it confirms a business was selling fakes, closes the seller’s account, and the account holder does not make a successful appeal via Amazon’s typical processes.

The move comes as the online retail behemoth faces public scrutiny over how it polices counterfeits and allegedly unsafe products on its platform. Fakes have long frustrated top labels like Apple and Nike, discouraging some from selling via Amazon at all.

In the past, the world’s largest online retailer has informed authorities of counterfeit peddlers when it thought it had enough information for police to pursue a culprit.

Now, the company plans to disclose merchant information to European and US federal authorities every time it confirms a counterfeit was sold to customers, increasing the frequency and volume of reporting to law enforcement, according to the Reuters source.

The value of global trade in pirated and counterfeit goods is half a trillion dollars per year, as per an estimate.

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