Fancy a HK$130 million jackpot?

January 14, 2020 12:55
People queue up at an outlet of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, which runs the Mark Six lottery and other betting events including horse racing. File Photo. HKEJ

First the good news, a mega HK$130 million Mark Six jackpot is up for grabs in the New Year.

Now, for a cold fact: in the Jockey Club's history, there hasn't been any single winner who took home a nine-digit figure cheque.

According to club statistics, there were 10 occasions over the years when punters reaped the top prize during jackpot draws of HK$100 million or more.

However, mostly the winners had purchased only half the standard ticket, so they could only claim half of the prize.

At other times, there was more than one winner; hence the prize had to be shared by all the lucky punters.

For example, a HK$140 million jackpot last November was shared by three winners, with each taking home some HK$45 million after deductions.

That represents half of the best ever-first prize awarded in December 2013 when a single winner took home HK$90.95 million.

Well, we wait to see if someone can claim the top prize this time, scoring a bonanza during a particularly difficult period in the wake of the social events of the past seven months.

Jackpot winners will be in a position to realize their dreams, which for many locals right now is to find a second home in a country with democracy.

Immigration costs for favored destinations -- such as Taiwan that involves an NT$6 million (HK$1.56 million) investment, and Australia that comes with a A$5 million (HK$ 26.8 million) price tag -- will be well within reach.

The megapot lucky draw is to be held this Thursday after no winner claimed the top prize for a third time.

As for tips on the lottery, don't believe anyone who offers guidance on picking the winning numbers. Remember that the Mark Six draws are mutually exclusive, meaning that the drawn number last time has no correlation to those that will come out on top this time.

All we can say is good luck – and bear in mind that it could be a winner-take-all game.

And even if you don't win, there is always the next time.

FYI, there will be another mega jackpot of HK$50 million to come in two weeks as we prepare for the Chinese Year of the Rat.

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EJ Insight writer