Google finds security flaws in Apple's web browser: FT

January 23, 2020 09:14
Google researchers are said to have disclosed to Apple last August multiple security flaws in the Safari web browser. Photo: Bloomberg

Google researchers have found multiple security flaws in Apple's Safari web browser that allowed the tracking of users’ browsing behavior, the Financial Times reported on Wednesday, citing a soon-to-be published paper.

The vulnerabilities were found in a tool specifically designed to protect privacy and could have allowed third parties to obtain sensitive information about the browsing habits of users, the report said.

Google disclosed the flaws to Apple last August, according to the report. In a blog post in December, an Apple engineer said the company had fixed flaws disclosed to it by Google researchers.

An Apple spokesman on Wednesday confirmed that the flaws found by Google and highlighted in the Financial Times’ story were patched last year. Reuters

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