Vaccine experts: Protect the most vulnerable first

January 22, 2021 11:02
Photo: Reuters

Given the uncertainty of the approval of mainland-made vaccines from Sinovac in the absence of enough clinical data, experts advising the government on its vaccination programme concluded that there won’t be enough vaccines to cover the entire community in the initial stage of the inoculation programme.

As such, the best way is to protect the most vulnerable first.

It’s suggested that vaccines from western firms BioNTech and AstraZeneca that Hong Kong has secured should be first given to residents and staff of care homes for the elderly or disabled, and other high-risk institutions, according to RTHK reports.

The second batch should go to people aged over 60, healthcare workers, and people who provide essential services. Then the third batch to those chronically ill.

Health officials said the BioNTech product should arrive in late February, and the government is trying to see if there's any room to speed the process up.

While waiting for more clinical trial data from Sinovac, the government is also seeking a fourth source, but an agreement has not been reached yet.


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