Official blames late start of vaccination programme on logistics

January 22, 2021 11:25
Health Secretary Sophia Chan said logistics of vaccines, in particular for BioNTech, is very challenging. Photo: RTHK/Reuters

When grilled on why Hong Kong has been slower to kickoff the Covid vaccination programme compared to other places like Singapore, Health Secretary Sophia Chan put the blame on logistics issues, according to RTHK reports.

“We have to rely on the vaccine manufacturers to let us know when they can deliver the vaccines. In particular, for BioNTech, the logistics are actually very challenging, because of [the requirement for the vaccines to be stored at -70 degrees Celsius," she said.

The government has so far secured three types of vaccines.

Mainland-manufactured Sinovac jabs were scheduled to be the first to arrive – by end of this month. But the lack of sufficient clinical data is holding up the approval process.

Vaccines from BioNTech are expected to arrive in late Feburary, and the government said it is trying to see if there is a chance to bring the date forward.

Vaccines from AstraZeneca has also been arranged and the government is in talks to buy from a fourth supplier.

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