HSBC Jade presents the most aristocratic red packet

February 09, 2021 12:00

There is a rising trend to share laisee electronically as we turn our thoughts to Chinese New Year and the blessings we share with family and friends. However, HSBC Jade acknowledged clients’ appreciation towards the tactile quality and the personal nature involved in presenting a physical red packet.

For this New Year, HSBC Jade has created an exquisite set of red packets, that can combine to form one harmonious image connoting fulfilment and perfection. Emblazoned with a glorious peacock, the King of Birds and an essential festive motif, each envelope uses special 3D printing technology and flecked with bronze elements on the peacock’s wings and crown, dramatize its meaning of auspiciousness and peace.

Nevertheless, using FSC international standard-certified environmentally friendly materials for the red packets and their box keeps with the tone of peace and harmony, tease clients with a hint of the peacock feathers before being opened.

As the King of Birds, the peacock stands as an uplifting symbol of auspiciousness, kindness, intelligence and nobility, echoing the characteristics of HSBC Jade clients and the unparalleled, bespoke services and products offered for their benefit.

With dedicated HSBC Jade Directors to provide trusted guidance and support, HSBC Jade clients can undoubtedly experience more golden opportunities, revel preferential privilege and thrive under any circumstances.