CLP mulls over building an offshore wind farm in Hong Kong

February 23, 2021 10:04
Image: CLP

The city’s largest power producer is moving one step closer to building an offshore wind farm in Hong Kong waters.

"We now believe that offshore wind [farm] could be economically feasible in Hong Kong," RTHK quoted CLP CEO Richard Lancaster as saying.

"We have a site out in the eastern waters of Hong Kong, we are reviewing the size of wind turbines and the number of wind turbines that can be fit into that site," Lancaster said.

The project has been under consideration for some time, but recent advances in the technology of wind turbine generators and an increasingly mature supply chain in the region make it appear more feasible, the company noted.

Years ago, CLP started lo0king into the economic viability and technical design of such projects but has been taking a cautious approach with extended studies.

Still, the plan is in its preliminary stage. CLP said it is collecting and reviewing related data.

Also part of the efforts to promote the development of renewable energy in Hong Kong, the company’s CLP’s first landfill gas generation project in Hong Kong, capable of producing 10MW of electricity, went into commercial operation last year.

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