Why do men often spell their favorite car brands wrong?

November 12, 2021 10:13

Men like cars. No question about it. But how many of them can actually spell them correctly?

For fast cars, consider “Lamborgini”, “Ferari”, “Porsch” as the common but wrong spelling people would type in Google but get the right results.

That was according to a research by money.co.uk, which found seven of the 20 most misspelled brand names are from the car industry.

Topping the most misspelled brand name list is Hyundai, which is often incorrectly remembered as “Hundai” or “Hiundai”, with an average of 605,000 incorrect online searches per month.

Also on the list were Lamborghini and Ferrari. Japanese Suzuki was No.7, followed by German’s trio Bugatti (No.12), Volkswagen (No.13) and Porsche (No.20).

Interestingly people seem to have less trouble spelling Mercedes and BMW.

The list also included some popular food, beverage and fashion brands, such as the American ice-cram brand “Haagen-Dazs” (No. 8), French cognac “Hennessy” and Dutch beer “Heineken”.

The only Chinese brand on the list was “Huawei”, which was often misspelled as “Huwaei” and “Huwai”.

Given the high profile arrest and ultimate release of Huawei chief financial officer Sabrina Meng that highlighted the tension of the US-China relationship, it might help people around the globe recognize the famous technology brand, which literally translates as “Chinese achievement”.

Salman Haqqi, a business finance editor from money.co.uk noted, “a brand name can be one of the core pillars that will determine the popularity and success of a business, therefore aspiring entrepreneurs must give careful consideration when choosing a brand name for their new business. There are some fundamentals they need to keep in mind when doing so.”

One of his suggestions is, obviously, to pick a “digestible” name, something that is not too difficult to say or spell.

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