Chips demand: Metaverse boom? Not so soon

January 05, 2022 09:49
Photo: Reuters

Can the much-hyped metaverse, an interactive and collaborative virtual world that tech giants including Meta, Microsoft, NVIDIA and AMD have been talking excitingly about, provide a new stimulus for the semiconductor industry in 2022?

Morningstar’s prediction, according to its report entitled “For Asian Foundries, Chip Shortage May Turn Into a Glut in 2024”, is that metaverse-related concepts will not materialize within the next 5-10 years.

Also, the potential benefit that the metaverse can bring to semiconductor companies is huge but uneven, with large-scale manufacturers that have the capacity to produce chips at advanced facilities set to benefit most, the report noted.

Though incremental demand from key drivers like automotive applications and the Internet of Things will bring additional chip demand, that will use up only about 40 percent of new foundry capacity up to 2025.

When the pipeline capacity comes into full operation, Morningstar believes the current chip shortage will flip into a glut in 2024.

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