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June 23, 2022 09:52
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Photo: Reuters

The definition of a patriot is someone who loves his country and will defend it against an enemy.

I am British by birth and upbringing.

I hold Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s commission in the army and consider my years of military service one of the greatest privileges of my life.

I also hold Her Majesty’s Letters Patent as one of Her Counsel Learned in the Law, a recognition of which I am profoundly proud.

I was educated in a system that holds that Queen and country are inseparable, my allegiance to that system is of prime importance.

Most of my professional life has been the pursuit of justice within a liberal common law system which I regard as second to none .

But here is the rub: my country is governed by the worst collection of liars, cheats and confidence tricksters in its parliamentary history.

Her Majesty’s First Minister, one Boris Johnson, is a mendacious, infantile, narcissistic bigot who has delusions of unfettered power and is as reliable as a chappati in a tsunami.

In order to create an appearance of superiority, Johnson has surrounded himself with opportunist 5th raters who depend on his survival for their continued employment.

Nor should one overlook his old-school chums whose loyalty to him far exceeds any objective duty to their country.

Johnson’s only consistency is his triple mantra, ‘I didn’t know I was wrong’ ‘throw away the rule book’ and ultimately ‘anyway it doesn’t matter’.

He lacks ethics, honesty, integrity, reliability, loyalty – except to himself - and any principles of common decency.

He and his coven of supporters think he is funny but as a comedian he’s not fit to cut Tommy Cooper’s toe nails.

His Home Secretary, the seriously misnamed Priti Patel, not content with introducing laws that Heydrich would have approved of, is currently engaged in a 21st century version of the slave trade, selling illegal immigrants to an African leader of highly dubious reputation.

There are no depths to which this abomination of a man will not sink. As Foreign Secretary he proposed appointing his then mistress Carrie Symonds – now Mrs. Johnson – his P.A., at a salary of £100,000 per annum. This was foiled when some fellow Conservatives with a vestigial sense of propriety found out.

Sadly, no-one in the Foreign Office was able to prevent Johnson’s gross incompetence which led to Zaghari Radcliffe spending years in an Iranian prison.

He does not speak in coherent measured sentences, he simply allows free rein to his verbal incontinence.

Johnson’s ploys to deceive the British electorate with his oven-ready Brexit bird, included devising and then signing an agreement with the EU that, he undertook, would not prejudice the Good Friday protocol.

One look at his hair, his collar and tie and the Oxfam excuse for a suit tells you, immediately, that he is not a man for detail.

Nor can it have helped that he entrusted Lord Frost, a man whose corpulence is in inverse proportion to his intellectual capacity, to conduct the negotiations with the EU.

Now that it is clear that not only had the oven-ready bird not been shorn of its feathers or cleaned of its inner organs, but it was only partially cooked. We all know the dire gastrological consequences of consuming uncooked chicken.

All this rule breaking is accorded an entirely bogus complexion of legality by his Attorney-General, Suella Braverman QC.

One of the main reasons that people hate lawyers is because if you look under enough stones there is always one of us willing to invent a spurious argument to support what is, on any measure, totally unarguable.

Johnson and his water closet of close-knit ministerial acolytes are intent on destroying a rules-based society.

Laws are for other people.

The United Kingdom was a founding promoter and signatory to the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Court of Human Rights which enforces it.

But when the ECHR blocked the enforced deportation of asylum seekers to Rwanda, instead of politely demurring from the judgment, Patel described it as ‘anti-Tory’ and ‘anti-Brexit’ and questioned the motives of the judges.

Johnson has previous convictions for breaking the country’s constitutional law in his attempt to prorogue parliament in order to push through his agenda.

His party’s propaganda publications denounced the judges as ‘enemies of the people.’

When Johnson broke the ministerial code against uttering blatant lies to parliament he decided to abolish the code.

When his personal advisor on ethics resigned in disgust, he proposes to abolish the position.

When the majority of his party’s backbenchers, i.e, those who do not hold an office which depends on his goodwill, voted that they had no confidence in him, he just ignored them.

Typical of a desperate despot, Johnson sought to divert attention and cull a favourable impression by rushing off to stand alongside the courageous Volodymyr Zelensky in the hope of attracting reflected glory.

What Johnson, Raab, Truss, Rees-Mogg, Gove, Patel, Braverman and their supporters are doing makes me deeply ashamed, not proud of the United Kingdom.

I love the country but could not, in all conscience, fight to defend its current government.

Does this mean that I am not a patriot?

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