Can you drive after drinking Moutai coffee?

September 06, 2023 10:39
Photo: China Daily

Coffee keeps one awake but wine makes one tired.

Now, what would people make of the alcohol-infused latte made by Kweichow Moutai and Luckin Coffee that raked in 100 million yuan in sales in yesterday’s debut?

The new product of China’s top liquor maker and resurrected domestic coffee chain was the No.1 topic on China’s Weibo yesterday with 430 million views as people were curious whether one can drive after drinking the Moutai coffee.

For those who got a taste already, they said the drink kept people awake and tired at the same time, a perfect excuse I think to get lazy at work.

Of course, people have different taste buds. Some consumers said it was nothing more than a regular latte, although the shop put up a window notice urging minors, pregnant women, drivers and people allergic to alcohol to avoid consuming Moutai coffee.

But no doubt, the launch was a classic marketing success online and offline as 5.42 million cups of Moutai coffee were sold in Luckin’s 10,000 outlets.
The companies bragged that the cup size added together was as tall as 95 Mount Everests together.

The coffee drink contained less than 0.5 per cent of the 53 degrees Moutai, was debuted at 38 yuan but consumers can get it at 19 yuan with Luckin coupons.

Due to the strong demand, it would be a regular item in Luckin.

The hot product represented Moutai’s attempt to woo more young consumers to try their beverages, widely known as the national liquor of strong taste among the older generation.

The launch followed a series of crossover branding that had luxury brand Fendi with local drink chain Hey Tea for a new milk tea in May and Louis Vuitton along with another coffee brand Manner for opening pop-up bookshops in June.

So, what next? Expect Moutai chocolate, soft ice followed by the ice stick it launched in summer. Moutai spicy sauce is something to look for after Moutai started serving internally for its staff since 2019.

But first, let’s have a sip of the not-too-strong Moutai new drink.

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