Hallelujah! Guangzhou panda triplets open their eyes

September 18, 2014 18:13
Taking a nap after some play. Photo: Chimelong Safari Park

Remember the "miracle" panda triplets born in Guangzhou in late July?

Well, all the three cubs opened their eyes for the first time as of Thursday, the Chimelong Safari Park said in a statement.

An animal expert noted that a baby panda usually opens its eyes 45 days after it is born. The Guangzhou triplets may have taken a little longer to do so, but it doesn't matter as all the cubs are in very healthy condition, he said.

The cubs now weigh 2.68 kilograms, 2.69 kilograms and 2.89 kilograms each, compared with 83 grams, 90.5 grams and 124.4 grams when they were born.

The park has launched a live webcast for panda lovers around the world. You can check out the link below to watch the cute little bundles sleeping or playing.


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The panda triplets in Guangzhou had been hailed as a "miracle" in view of the extreme rarity of three live cubs being born at the same time. Photo: Chimelong Safari Park
Who is elder, you or me? Photo: Chimelong Safari Park
Hello... brother! Photo: Chimelong Safari Park
One of the panda cubs takes in its surroundings after opening its eyes. Photo: Chimelong Safari Park

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