Tensions on the rise as anti-Occupy elements emerge

October 03, 2014 17:10
More than 100 people who are anti-Occupy campaign gathered at the intersection between Nathan Road and Argyle Street in Mong Kok after noon. Photo: RTHK

Tensions between pro-democracy protesters and anti-Occupy elements are rising Friday, with demonstrators having clogged major financial and commercial centers in Hong Kong since early Sunday, RTHK reported Friday.

More than 100 people who are against the Occupy Central movement gathered at the intersection between Nathan Road and Argyle Street in Mong Kok after noon.

Blaming the civil disobedience campaign for affecting their daily life, they chanted slogans, tear down posters and demanded that protesters clear the streets.

There have been scuffles and some Occupy volunteers have been injured, the report said.

A dozen bus services have been cancelled due to the so-called Umbrella Movement, forcing many people to make a detour to go to work, according to the report.

Some members of the anti-protest group attacked the movement's supply stations, and some volunteers have been injured trying to protect supplies, according to some protest volunteers.

One volunteer said discussion is needed on whether to give up occupying Mong Kok, and they have been "quite restrained” to avoid any quarrel or fight with anti-Occupy members.

In Causeway Bay, there were fights between protesters and others who wanted barricades removed, Ming Pao reported.

About 30 people gathered outside Sogo Department Store and tried to remove metal fences at 11:30 am. Some of the group criticized students for occupying streets and impeding everyday life.

The crowd increased to 50 within 10 minutes, and someone shouted obscenities at students.

The students acted with “restraint”, without any reply and movement, the report said.

Meanwhile, about 200 people from both camps gathered at Lee Garden Road. Anti-Occupy members claimed that they have been forced to stay at home as main streets have been clogged by the protesters.

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