Hee Kee boss says 'indecent attack' report is untrue

October 07, 2014 10:37
Raymond Liu is on the floor during a scuffle in Causeway Bay. Photo: Youtube

Raymond Liu Wai-man, managing director of the Hee Kee Crab General restaurant, is fighting back after being accused of an indecent attack against a female protester in Causeway Bay.

He has sent a letter to Next Media, which owns Apple Daily, accusing it of publishing an untrue report without verifying the facts and demanding compensation, according to RTHK.

Liu reportedly fell during a scuffle between Occupy Central demonstrators and their opponents. To avoid being trampled, he tried to hold the leg of a woman standing beside him, RTHK reported.

Liu claims he is innocent and says his business has been struggling because of the pro-democracy protest.

“Occupy Central has affected our business and livelihood,” he said. He will contact other affected business owners to take civil action against Occupy Central, the report said.

There were scuffles between protesters and pro-Beijing groups in Causeway Bay on Friday. 

Liu said he was arguing with demonstrators when he was pushed to the ground and attacked, according to Ta Kung Pao. He called the police to the scene after he was accused of the indecent attack, the report said.

Hee Kee has seen revenue plunge by 80 percent since the civil disobedience campaign started, Liu said.

“We need to pay over HK$1 million in monthly rent and another HK$1 million in labor costs. If the movement drags on for another week, we might go bankrupt,” he said.

Albert Chuang Ka-pun, the boyfriend of former actress Gigi Fu Ming-hin, voiced his support for Liu on his weibo account, Apple Daily reported.

Chuang wrote: “Liu has just expressed what most small and medium-sized enterprises owners in Hong Kong want to say. Many people have stayed at home for security concerns, and the fragmented society has affected many employees and supporters of family.”

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He lies sprawled on the ground but suddenly springs up and throws himself at a female protester. Photo: Youtube
Liu is arguing with demonstrators. Photo: Youtube

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