'To: Tent No 22, protest site, Admiralty'

October 16, 2014 14:59
A dedicated postman delivers a heartwarming letter to protesters camped outside Admiralty Centre. Photo: Facebook

The mailman always delivers, so they say. But what if the address is a makeshift shelter in the middle of the street?

No problem, as far as the postal courier who makes the rounds of Admiralty is concerned.

Pro-democracy activists got a pleasant surprise on Wednesday when a postman delivered a postmarked letter in one of the tents the protesters have set up on Harcourt Road near Admiralty Centre, Apple Daily reported.

The address on the envelop reads: “Tent No. 22, protest site on Harcourt Rd near Admiralty Centre”.

The anonymous sender also left a handwritten note for the mailman: “Thank you for delivering this letter using your best effort!”

The postman didn't disappoint the sender, and delivered the mail to the addressee.

With the Occupy campaign now in its third week and no resolution in sight, the protesters have set up tents and other temporary shelters in the occupied areas.

The tents near Admiralty Centre belong to members of the Democratic Party and other pan-democratic groups.

A Democratic Party member posted a photo of the letter on Facebook to share the touching moment.

The letter says: “Thanks for your persistence, and please accept this note of encouragement from all sectors of society.”

The sender is said to be a journalist.

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