Philippine tourist dies after 'Mine Train' ride at Ocean Park

November 21, 2014 19:29
A Filipino man died of an apparent heart attack after riding a roller-coaster at Ocean Park Thursday. Photos:, Apple Daily

A 63-year-old Philippine tourist died of an apparent heart attack after riding the "Mine Train" roller-coaster at Hong Kong's Ocean Park on Thursday, Apple Daily reported.

The male tourist arrived at the theme park with a dozen family members at around 9 am yesterday. He first tried the Pirate Ship ride. Having enjoyed it, he apparently opted for more thrills.

At around 2 pm, he and his wife took the Mine Train, which is one of the most challenging rides in the park, as it takes passengers 85 meters off the ground and hurtles down slopes at breakneck speed.

After the ride, when the group was leaving the park, the man collapsed. His wife screamed for help, and Ocean Park staff gave first-aid before an ambulance arrived at the scene. The man was certified dead soon after.

The deceased is said to have been a smoker and suffering from heart disease for almost 20 years.

Doctors believe his death was due to heart failure following the roller-coaster ride, though an autopsy is yet to officially confirm the cause of death.

Warning signs at the entrance to the Mine Train clearly state that people with heart problems should not take the ride. It is obvious that the Filipino man failed to heed the warning, which led to the tragedy.

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