'Raise the Umbrella' named song of 2014

January 02, 2015 14:17
A group of singers on stage (inset) at Commercial Radio's music awards event on Thursday. Several members of the audience held aloft yellow umbrellas during the ceremony, showing support for the democracy movement. Photos: YouTube, Facebook

The Occupy Central movement's anthem "Raise the Umbrella" was named song of the year in the "My Favorite" category for 2014 in Commercial Radio's annual music awards.

The song collected 2,887 votes from the 8,000 attendees at the event at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) on Thursday, Apple Daily reported.

At the radio station's Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation, pro-democracy artists Anthony Wong, Denise Ho and Deanie Yip, all wearing yellow ribbons, led a group of singers in rendering the winning song on stage.

Some members of the audience were spotted carrying yellow umbrellas and balloons, while many others were seen tearing up when the song was performed.

Denise Ho said 2014 was a year of huge change for Hong Kong. "The umbrella movement has let us know that our voices could be heard," she said.

Anthony Wong, meanwhile, called on Hong Kong people to speak out for themselves, saying that it's time to wake up.

A group of around 20 Occupy supporters pooled in around HK$3,000 to buy 100 yellow umbrellas and distribute the items to people attending the music awards event.

As they set about their task, the activists were said to have been filmed by smartphone-bearing HKCEC security staff, and warned that "no umbrellas can be distributed" within the venue.

Despite the warning, the activists succeeded in distributing the umbrellas, which have become a potent symbol of the recent pro-democracy protests in the city. Their action led to another group of participants handing out their own batch of 100 umbrellas.

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