CY Leung reveals 'external forces' in Occupy Central

January 13, 2015 16:49
Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying (seventh from left) at the ceremony for a new book on Occupy Central written by Ng Hong-mun, a former Hong Kong deputy to the National People's Congress  Photo: Tai Kung Pao

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying charged that “external forces”, including foreign governments, were involved in the Occupy Central movement, based on leaked emails of the protest organizers, Ming Pao Daily reported Tuesday.

Leung has been blaming "external forces" even during the protests, but has refused to identify them. He said he would present the evidence at the "proper time".

This time, he suggested that people look at the public materials to find the “clues”. 

They include foreign governments, official departments and agencies of foreign governments, non-government organizations and foreign individuals, he said.

The Hong Kong leader made the remarks during a ceremony for a new book on Occupy Central written by Ng Hong-mun, a former Hong Kong deputy to the National People's Congress, Xinhua News Agency reported.

“We have to dig deeply into the organization and various forces behind the Occupy Central,” Leung said.

In January 2013, Benny Tai, one of the organizers of the movement, published a newspaper article calling on more than 10,000 people to occupy streets in Central and paralyze business operations in the area.

Exposed email records show that many people approached Tai in March, that he had been receiving donations since May, and that he himself made anonymous donations to the University of Hong Kong, Leung said, citing materials available to the public.

Tai has reportedly donated a total of HK$1.3 million in three cheques, including HK$800,000 for the civil referendum system. The cheques were issued through an HSBC branch in Kwung Tong.

Leung, citing public information, also said that Jimmy Lai, former boss of Next Media Group, has made donations amounting to HK$57 million to pro-democracy politicians and parties in recent years. All the donations have been made through cheques from the bank's Kwung Tong branch.

“Everybody should see some signs of the political environment in Hong Kong,” Leung said, adding that the Hong Kong government has a responsibility to track down illegal activities.

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