Ultimate torture test for iPhone 6

January 22, 2015 11:35
The iPhone 6, mounted on a rig and encased in protective gear, sits on the edge of space before being made to fall back to earth. Photo: MailOnline/Urban Armor Gear

It's the ultimate torture test but why people would go to great lengths -- or heights -- to prove a point with their iPhone 6 isn't always clear.

But as it turns out, there was a commercial incentive for launching the smartphone 30,480 meters to the edge of space and dropping it to the ground.

California-based Urban Armor Gear wanted to prove the durability of its protective case.

Video footage shows the device soaring into the stratosphere attached to a weather balloon and being exposed to 112-kilometer-per-hour winds and temperatures 56 degrees below freezing.

Although the phone shut down during its flight due to the extreme temperatures, it was fully functional after the test despite not having a screen protector.

A video posted by CNET shows the rig lifting off from a field close to Chirk Castle in north Wales on a grey, rainy day in November.

It rapidly climbs above the rain clouds to emerge in bright sunshine. As it gains altitude, so the temperature rapidly drops.

At the intended altitude, the balloon is detached from the rig and the handset begins its fall back to earth.

It lands in a field 14 kilometers from its take-off point, with an almighty bump that breaks the rig -- but the iPhone remains intact.

"Our cases already meet military drop-test standards but now we can officially say that they are space tested as well," Steve Armstrong, co-founder of Urban Armor Gear, said after the test.

See the video on YouTube:


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